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Welcome to Customer Success Leader


Welcome to Customer Success Leader, a podcast by Flatfile! 

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Want to create delightful customerexperiences. You are in the right place, welcome to customer success leaderwhere you'll learn about the successes and struggles of leaders who arepassionate, bouttheir craft trust me. You want to stick around welcome to the introductory episode ofthe Customer Success Leader, podcast we're here today with Eric Crane,cofounder and Coo of flat file, how's it going today Eric I'm doing goodKelnsey, it's a really nice day here in Atlanta Yeah. I am in Alaska currently,and it's also a nice day here. It's like sixty seven degrees, which isunheard of and to give everyone a bit more context. My name is Kelsey Cors,I'm one of the producers of the show and today well be talking about whatyou the listener can expect from this podcast, but before we jump into thatEric, can you tell me a little bit more about yourself and the work you'redoing at flat file? Sure thing so, I've worked in rolls and software businesses,ranging from customer success and e Eally, say Shart up to softwareengineering at a very large, establish...

...enterprise business, and one thing thatwas consistent across all of those experiences was the challenge ofgetting data from outside your organization, usually your customersand bringing it into your soffphorn and they teem im useful. When I was at mylast role at envoy, I found a kindred spirit and David, my co founder, and weboth realized that e. This problem should be solved. We shouldn't beforcing human to do the work that machines really should be doing, butthe challenge was that those machines didn't really have the intuition orjust a little bit of intuition, that's required in order to take an unknown ordisparate Dataset and turn it into the types of data that you want to use mosteffectively in your software. So we started flat file to remove thosebarriers that exist between humans and data, and today we already serve morethan a hundred different companies in helping their customers partners andeven internally just managed data coming to and from different places. Ilove that, if you will the origin of...

...your company is, you saw a problem andyou wanted to fix it. That's just amazing. So speaking of flat file, tellme a little bit more about why you wanted to start this podcast. So havingbeen a customer success manager myself, I know the challenges of trying to workwith customer data and get the most out of it, because, ultimately, as a CSMyou're judged and how much value your customer can receive from the prodectthat you have absolutely no control over, and so what I want to do is sincewe're building products and solutions for customer success. MANAGERS IS OT,only learn from them and learn from my previous experience and serving them,but also give them a place to actually interact your ideas, sare stories andlearn more about what it's like to be a great customer Successmanagu. That isawesome and you've touched a little bit on what listeners can expect as theytune inc to each episode, but tell me a little bit more about each episode andhow you're going to roll everything out sure. So we're interviewing strategicleaders in customer success and just...

...having them share their best practices,their worst nightmares and everything in between so you'll be able to learnabout tools. You can use to be a better customer success leader ways to makecustomer experiences much better ways to improve the time to value for yourcustomers and also just stories that you can empathize with as a CSM. Youyou're not a loan out there there's a lot of different folks who are dealingwith this challenge Os. How do I make sure to establish a relationship withmany customers but a scale and at the same time very intimately, and so wellbe talking a lot about those types of topics on customer success? Lafer. Ialways love when podcast also share the struggles. I feel that when you hearother people in the same situations that you're in it just makes everythingso much more relatable and in the event that listeners want to connect with you,because they have ideas for episodes, topics or even guests that you shouldfeature what's the best way for them to... that, you can totally reach out tome on linkon. It's ERC Cranum, the founders here at Flafile, and you couldalso just email hello at flatfile that io we've got a great customer successand Support Team, and maybe more than Hapty, to send you my way great and allof that information will be found in the show notes below. So you have allthat information there if you are tuning in and that actually wraps it upfor the introductory episode. Thank you so much for joining me today. Eric andI'm really excited to see the show grow for all of our listeners. Make sure youtune back in and listen to Eric for episode, one and beyond thanks Kil Soan.Everyone will see you soon. You depend on the fastest time to value for yourcustomers. So why? Let data onboard and Slell you down: Stop emailingspreadsheets, creating CSB templates, forsetting up ftt transfers, createcollaborative secure workspaces with your customers and their data savingyou time, while providing a memorable, onboarding experience. Oh and there'sno code required, you can go to flat file, dot, IO, slash CS leader to learnmore and get started for free.

Thank you. So much for joining us forthis episode. Customer Success leader is brought to you by flat file ifyou're a fan of the show and want to help us share these conversations withothers. Leave us a rating on Apple Podcast, just TAPD, a number of stars.You think the show deserves. That's it for today catch you in the next one.

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