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Episode · 1 year ago

Steps to Managing a Remote CS Team w/ Benoit Bouteille


Restructuring an organization’s CS process is tough to do in-person. Imagine doing it 100% remote!


Fortunately, Benoit Bouteille, VP of Customer Experience at Tinyclues, had ample experience in leading remote CS teams before his organization decided to restructure.


In this episode, Eric and Ben discuss… 


- How remote teams should look at CS and CX


- Why Ben focused on breaking down silos within his organization


- How to design your organization around customer outcomes


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So you need to think about whatsacustomer as an experience with your brand, with your company and Ado, youmpack that what can you do to facilitate this relationship and makeit smuser for them want to create delightful customerexperiences you're in the right place. Welcome to customer success leaderwhere you'll learn about the successes and struggles of leaders who arepassionate about their craft. Trust me. You want to stick around here's yourhost, Eric Crane, hey all thanks for joining us this week.My name is Eric Crane Seo and cofounder a flat file, and today on customersuccess leader, I have Benwabutea who's. A senior director of customerexperience that tiny Clus Heydun Ben I'm Gren good, so you're calling infrom New York Howar things up there yeah. I don't know how the things aregoing out of New York in the US, but doing good as far as we are seenn thesintetion four months, and that situation looks under control in NewYork and trying to adapt to the new life. Yanh understand, you've alreadymanaged success team remotely as well, and I'm sure we'll dig on that. Alittle bit later, but it sounds like it wasn't too big of an adjustment for youto go to this all remote world were in right now, no exactly. I was alreadymanaging the team from the Imia Quata and the USITQUARTER this from New Yorkbefore New York. I was doing that from IMI managing the US team to thecustomer Success Teim. So we are used to do that remotely, but reallyappreciate you joining us here today the customer successfully your podcast.Could you tell me a little bit more about? First of all, just what you doat tiny clues, so I' mean sels of the Ommy experience team and the someexperience, EMETAC who's, pregroup, different jobs, and we have thecustomer success manager and the Mer success team. We have also themarketing team, the legend team, the product, macting team, a so all themacking stuff together, and we... that, together with the Somarsuccess, to make the best of it and provide a good expeence to a flihtitgot it and what about tiny places, a business? What are you selling takes isa platform that help marketers in different industry, retail or travelmainly to improve increase their cerrain practice. So what we doactually is provide access to a our tool which learn from the ODARDA. So IIis learning from thei on data, the first Patidada and based on thislearning, Markete Ible to ideltify people with I provensity to purchase anoffer ditinition if your trauvel company or whatever product. If I wantto promote thes shirts tomorrow, because I'm riteter, I will be able toidenty who, in my database, will be interested to buy this shot in nextdays. So we help arcustomer to get a better experience for their customer,making markting one one and really effective got it. So how would youdefine customer success in that context, so the CISTOMER success team, the ruleof my team- is really to Albol CSOMMER to understond I'l work the platformfirst, but mainly because the battom is really easy to use like three fourtlisues to do and creat campaigns. The main job is to understand. What's thestrategy of our customer? What's Thei maturity? What where they want to go?What's the longterm plan in Tem of evolition and progress in thesyrumpractices? What are their pain in the day today? What are the pain they arefacing? wetther the challenges the they can face to promote pekwis thecategoria product offers and the rule of the team and thesist them to gothrough thes challenges and Establishou Success Plan steps by steps movingforwards to better practice, improving...

...practice and so better preestionship,with the other base. Gat T and you're telling me before started, recordinghere that you'd recently reorganized the team, which is why your title isnow director of customer experience. So tell me a little bit more about whatprompted that reorganization yeah. We did that's just at the beginning of thecrisis. Actually we were impacted or customer were impactedby the crisis. We were impacted by the crisis directly, as I said, that's bigbatterfoksome in the travel industry, and you can guess that the trovelindustry is not rerly in good shape right now, so we also add to adapt andchange and the strategy to promote, to explain what we do and to get newclients. So we were really doing markting physical during physicalevents, physical marting rod show and this kind of makting events socianevents. Everything stopped because no intesten meeting nor events live so weade to totally shift Netoson of the Stragegy to the digital and based onthat, we really think that it was better to have a better communication,butte organization and collaboration between the experets, who are the CSMexpect of the of the Serem and expectof clients outcomes to liverage that inthe communication and hiditional communication in the oginition ofwivingos communication of suces stories, what we can do as legend contentstrategy Sotido ship. All of that all this metal, that's shifted, totallydigitally and we need better communication, so basically breakingthe silow between different departments that are re thinking about onneed, Eirjob and now having a more collaborative way of doing across the jobs and that'sreally linkd to one of our value. We have different valuaiin companies andone of value is bid together and making the difference mission in the companywork together to providee wither experience to our clients. I don't likethe tem prospect, that's future clients,... they can experience that from thebeginning, from the first tuch point in the communation and content we producethrough the Oll relationship and the usage of the Platormi, the Ressian withhe, the sats and the customer sexcess managers. Yeah so tell me how youdesign metric to measure the performance of that integrated CS orright. A typical customer success, you're looking at things like churn andhealth score and CSET andps like what do you measuring your team on now? Sowe didnot change that very much the CSTEAM goal, fortheces team and goesfor the markting team ou different, the gold forthe content management isdifferent to that the overall view for the company at the end, Wemasur the Imean the bottom line is the result that I meany new cussomer. We get that's arole of the SE steam an and th El, with the of the Mack Tingtem and thecustomer sucess team is protecting or preventing the churn, also maximizingthe retension by a better usage. Everyone still has his job, that'shaving all that, together help to say. Okay, we are looking at the bottom lineand the global experience and how many clients we have new planes we have in Imean we lost what the nets at the end and that's that's rety in the day todayand the metrix that doesn't change a lot in the day to day. That is somecollaboration. I have a ready example: COMCRETE EXAMPLE: that's for macktingpurpose, for proof of the experience of oxtomer with the tool we like to haveacomal review, but the best way to have exon our reviews and prospects. Fuatureclient can read and get OL The fedback o the clients fet back without trustingdirectly what it's written on our website. We need to get review on thirdparty platform to get this sort patty platform reviews. We have the sesteamplaying the role of asking ouclients if...

...they can provide review on thisextennel platform and that's corroboration. The makting needsreviews and they are coming from the rustianship from the system in theclients and in this way that's fanice collaboration. I have another example.We are about to launch big reports. We are preparing for big reports, whichwill be the state of the Serum for two thousand and twenty one. So we arearting to collect a lot of feedback and our customer Bitos Company marting team,a Gan organize together that and to have a big learning on that and to beable to share that with the a peals and the community and this collection, thisorganization, this expectize on beding. The reports is made by the CSTEM SOMmembers of the syystem, but that would be used for markting popose, but alsofor the rest of the team in the system, because that will be used for oltheclients and sharing tbat with all the client. So that's making the projectssmoother, because it's not separate e department and separates malagers.That's t their goal with their own eyes. I mean, if I ask something to thesestem or the marketing team and nittere with me, that its organized, sothe other team can eld and I can't Spu Wentm in one direction and the other inthe other and that doesn't fuck together and the one in the middle thatcan organize thats to make it upper at. That makes sense- and I can understandnow a lot more about why you want to organize a team that way, given thatyour customer success, leaders within the company are going to be the oneswho have the best insight and to how to tell the story of be customersexperience with your product. So what were some areas that you ran Itochallenges with trying to reorganize the team that way, so the menchallenges, whoere, readly, making sure that's both side of the team is 'ner,something that their job won't really change on the dty basis, but the factthat they can count on the other team to eld them to improve their job andhaving this discussion, and so because...

...that was not togingized this waysomewhere, you are youare stacking, some procidure or fear that you caneask Elpor. You can ask helpet that will take time, but all the time, and in thelast six months we saw big progress, bigger improvements on things like okay,I've see a thing that Oh, I need o Elpon, these kind of things. I can askmarketing or content specialties tone out to write an image to my clients:It's not his job. That's the best way to write an email to the client toconvey an idea. They are framework of content. Writing copywriting. That canhelp to do something like this. The same way or CONTON specialist is askingthe system help to write, content and Bockpost, because actually they are theexperet. The contant pecialist is able to write it, make the right story toexplain h the contents, but that's a collaboration, and all of that isreally started monthss ago and and ready, improving and rumping up wherewe have the first publication on the blog, and we have first piece ofcontent, thats our stent and we have CSM asking. Oh, can I write another one?I have another idea, and so that's suppositive will I mean that's a winwin on both sides, because that's probishing, more conten for clients andfor the CSTEAM and helping the marketing also to crat and generatesMor conten for the Gen dimengon visibility. Yeah, that's great to hearit when, whenever you have folks who are closest to the customer being ableto contribute back to other parts of the process, right M, an that'sfultumately. How so many people buy these days is they can get all theinformation about your product that they want, but they also want to seesome level of such a proof and in a relationship beyond going and I beingable to turn that into a fly, will is really Pressiot of you and where didyou get the inspiration to do this? That's a good question. where it comefrom, I can treally remember. We had...

...different descission Wot, my with my clon the ficture of the organzition. We can make progress and oganizedifferently the team to better work together. Something that's ad o lot isthat's Befotani cus. I was mackting director in Te TWC companies, so I wason the other side, and so I manage disitalmark Ting for years. So that'ssomething! That's help also to say that yeah I can build that. I can make ituppen and make different teams walking together. That was my previous job. WheI was in ECOM and yeah. Let's that was just let's give a try. We need to tryand to adapt to situation, as everyone has to adapt in all this new world. Inthe situation. That's businesses change. So let's try to find the best way to toreact to that. So if someone else was thinking about redesigning theirorganization. Similarly, what would you be your recommendations around firststeps that they take? It's really importance to explain the. Why we do that. Why you,the person, would do that. The organition to me th that some FortPoint on the organdition is the customer voice. Thinking Bout, thecustomer. I am used to saying my team here. That's often cistommer don't care, but yourorganiational problem. So you need to think about whats the CISTOMER as anexperience with your brand with your company and Odo, you pack that what canyou do to facilitate this relationship and make it Moser for them and that'sdrive easier relationship and onty, better communication. Some process Imean having prostises that are not fexible, doesn't help that can help thecompany but doesn't help the customer and, at the end, what matter the mostis. That's the CISTOMER as a good experience and can relate to that canshare that experience with other and stay for a longer time, and we did thatfor for the markting, an SES tem,...

...because that was making sense on thisgroup Bat. We also have more connection and Mo discussion with the finance teamas an example, because if you do a lot of wonderful job with the macketing,the CS, sayls, everyone is working well with the CSTOMMER and the financeduring Ha discussion on improvement of the usage and potoncial epsell andnegotation from the cells with the Setim with the customer and the financejust send an email. That's talk about the invoice that is two days late orsomething that's and it's you two days ago that can empack the expeience ofthe somer and job of the other departments, with the customer andbetter communication better upon a vew having the customer, the center of thecompanny and the organdition around. That is better and back to the questionyou have Yis. What's the best advice is that'. Think about your customer. Whatis that the experience? What are they looking for with your company? What arethe different touch points you have with a customer in th in the differentdepartment. O can be the best expeience AL, the baks grouping, so withdifferent SCROUPING, I'm not sure that' markting andcs, we would work for allCOMPANI. Maybe that would be ss in another department, maybe macting inanother depatment. But, oh, you can regroup, like pods of different mission,to work together a d to to improve that. That's the way you should think if youwant to to evolve anit for esinothe organization, yes, Societ yourorganization around the outcomes of the customer, rather than the outcomes ofeach different department. Exactly so, just as a final thought here, I'd lovefor you to share with our listeners what your salespish should be to themto join in. I customer experience or customer success specifically. So howwould you convince someone stay like Hey qourting customer success is thebest job in the world and here's why everything that's the best job in theworld and especially in there, we are...

...doing that artinitues, because we eiterask cistomer success manager, whatever the company, we are able to communicatewith a lot of different clients with different problematics and differentprojects, and that's really interesting to have such a wide view on what'shappening on the market on H, specfic market, whatever the top each whateverthe market you are in. That's really interesting to be able to have a lot ofdifferent port of views and having the restionship with client and diction Wilaancs. In my case, I as a mention I'm coming from the marketing side, theBETO CIS side, a makting bitch deside, and we are talking with claient thatare doing the job I ad before when I was working for a nicome company. I wasplaying a lot of things and always wonder: Oh these companies organizedwhat are they doing. I see the tip of the ISB because I'm receiving theicommunication I'm seeing what they have on the website or whatever mactineaction, but oh they organized to do that to produce that and now being anice it right now I have the distion with all this company and I see all thedifference organization and I'm learning a lot, I'm providing andhelping them lots, but I'm sharing that in getting the best of everyone toshare it, to provide advice to other thats to this job in the wel yeah. Ilove how it's been described in various ways on the sodcast that one of theways I've heard, I think that's my favorite is INTIMAC. It's like beingable to develop intimacy with your customer and intimacy with your team,because it is so crucial to understand each customather needs an objectivesand especially in he space where you're selling to other businesses, you alsoget the chance to fuild that one on one relationship as well with evperone,which is a really really exciting part of the JAF, because you get to see alot of what your customers are going through and untimately be a or for that.Tor totally agree that free, what's described the best the job. Thank you so much for joiingus today that was been Laly to he is,... se a director of customer experienceat tiny, Fluz, Andar Crane, Confederacyo flat fil. Thank you forjoining us on this week's episode of customer successlyere. You depend on the fastest time to valuefor your customers. So why let Datea onboard and sell you down? Stopemailing spreadsheets, creating CSB templates or setting up CTT transfers,create collaborative secure workspaces with your customers and their datasaving you time, while providing a memorable, onboarding experience. Ohand there's no code required, you can go to flat file, OT IO lashcs leader tolearn more. I get started for free. Thank you so much for joining us forthis episode. Customer Success leader is brought to you by flat file ifyou're a fan of the show and want to help us share these conversations withothers. Leave us a rating on Apple Podcast, just tap the number of stars.You think the show deserves. That's it for today catch you in the next one.

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